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C.O. Finder! tm for Windows
Complete List of FCC Standard Feature Codes

NECA Standard Feature Codes Included in C.O. Finder!


AA Feature group A

AB Feature group A call screening

BA Feature group B

BC Feature group B with ANI

CA Feature group C

CC FGC with SS7 protocol

D1 Centralized equal access tandem office

DA Feature group D with 10XXX dialing

DC Feature group D without 10XXX dialing

DD Centralized equal access end office

EA Centrex Internet Protocol

G1 Directory assistance (555)

G2 Outward operator service

G3 Inward operator service

G4 1+coin direct MOSS

G5 1+coin direct EAOSS

G6 1+coin tandem MOSS

G7 1+coin tandem EAOSS

G8 Designated Operator Services (DOS)

G9 Operator Services ACD (OS-ACD)

GA Toll station location

GB Access tandem office

GC WATS or WATS type service

GD 800 or 800 type service

GE Public switched 56 KBS DDS (PSDS)

GF International boundary point

GG LIBD Access service location (STP)

GH Electronic white pages

GI 500 Service

GJ Public switch 64KBS clear channel (ISDN)

GK 900 service

GL International blocking

GM Incapable of measuring and recording

GN 900 blocking

GP Pre-Paid Calling Service

GQ Carrier I.D. Parameter

GR Local Number Portability Capable

HA Signal point

HB Service switching point

HC Signal transfer point

HD 800 query charge billing

HE Non SSP originating 800 location

HG Incapable of determ tandem & direct traf

HH 800 only query charge billing

HI SSP equipped but no direct handling

HJ Orig Line Screening (Flex ANI)

HK Orig Line Screening (LIDB)

HL Facility Signalling Point of Interconnect

IA Alternate routing

IB Calling billing number delivery

IC Multiline hunt group

ID Multiline hunt group-individual port access

IE Multiline hunt group-UCD,queing

IF Multiline hunt group-C.O. announcements

IG Multiline hunt group-UCD line hunt

IH Make busy key

II Flexible ANI

IP Internet Protocol Gateway Office

JA Switch to Computer Applications Interface

JB Cust network mgt-frame relay and SMDS

JC Real Time PIC

JD PIC Verification

JE Transparent LAN Service

MXC Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier

PA Special access-price zone 1

PB Special access-price zone 2

PC Special access-price zone 3

PD Special access-price zone 4

PE Base rent area 1

PF Base rent area 2

PG Base rent area 3

PH Base rent area 4

PJ Switched access-price zone 1

PK Switched access-price zone 2

PL Swiched access-price zone 3

PM Swiched access-price zone 4

PN Term and volume discount for DS1, DS3

PO Special Access-Price Zone 5

PQ Switched Access-Price Zone 5

PR Phase I MSA Price Flexibility -Ltd Svc Relief

PS Phase II MSA Price Flexibility -Full Svc Relief

QA Switched access interconnect-fiber

QB Swiched access interconnect-virtual fiber

QC Switched access interconnect-microwave

QD Switch access interconnect-virt microwv

QE Special access interconnect-fiber

QF Special access interconnect-virtual fiber

QG Special access interconnect-microwave

QH Spl access interconnct-virtual microwave

RA Metalic bridging

RB Telegraph bridging

RC Voice bridging

RD Voice grade data bridging

RE Telephoto bridging

RF Telemetry and alarm bridging-split band

RG Telemetry and alarm bridging-summation

RH Telemetry and alarm bridging-passive

RJ Dataphone select-a-station bridging seq.

RK Dataphone select-a-station bridging addr

RL Digital data bridging-intermediate

RM Program audio bridging

RN Voice bridging-terminus

RO Voice grade data bridging-terminus

RP Voice bridging-intermediate

RQ Voice grade data bridging-intermediate

RS Synchronous DDS bridging

RT Data over voice bridging

RU Metallic bridging-intermediate

RW Telegraph bridging-intermediate

RX Program audio bridging-intermediate

SA Voice grade multiplexing

SC Wideband analog mux-master to super

SD Wideband ana. mux-supergroup to group

SE Wideband analog mux-group to voice

SF Wideband analog mux-group to DS1

SG High cap. mux.-DS4 to DS1

SH High cap mux-DS3 to DS1

SI Switched Fractionalized Office

SJ High cap mux terminus-DS3 to DS1

SK High cap mux intermediate-DS3 to DS1

SL High cap mux super inter-DS3 to DS1

SM High cap mux DS2 to DS1

SN High cap mux DS1C to DS1

SP Digital data mux DS1 to DS0

SQ High cap mux-DS1 to voice

SR High cap mux intermediate-DS1 to voice

SS High cap mux super inter-DS1 to voice

ST Optical line mux

SU High cap mux-DS1 to data over voice

SV High cap mux terminus-DS1 to voice

SW High cap mux intermediate-DS1 to DS0

SX Digital data mux-DS1 to digital terminus

SY Digital data mux-DS1 to digital intermed

T1 DS3 Frame Relay - Packet Switch

T2 DS3 Frame Relay - Access Point

T3 DSL Special Access

T4 DSL Frame Connection Point

T5 DSL Frame Relay

T6 DSL Frame Relay

T7 DSL Asynchronous

T8 Internet Dial Access

T9 DSL Symmetrical Bit

TA Access concentrator

TB Packet switch

TC Frame Relay Service-Access

TD Frame Relay Service-Packet Switch

TE Public data network access-X.25

TF Public data network access-X.75

TG Switched multi-megabit service (SMDS)

TH Frame Relay SAP-Frame Switch

TI Digital Subscriber Line - Integrated Services

TJ Digital Subscriber Line - Asymmetrical Bit

TK Digital Subscriber Line - Symmetrical Bit

TL Message waiting indicator

TM Fast select acceptance-packet

TN Fast select request-packet

TO Menu server-packet

TP Call redirection-packet

TQ Hunt groups-packet

TR Call detail recording-packet

TS Closed user groups-packet

TT Reverse charge acceptance-packet

TU Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

TW Frame Relay Service

TX Frame Relay - Super Intermediate

TY Frame Relay - Intermediate

UA Special access DS1 transport over fiber

UB Secondary channel capable on DDS

UC Video hub

UD Special access (no switched service)

UE Net reconfig-DS1,DS0, analog by cust.

UF Voice gateway office

UG Clear channel DS1 and B8ZS line coding

UH Disaster recovery-hub redundancy

UJ Dist rec-WC and facility redundancy

UK Disaster Recovery Loop Redundancy

UL Synchronous special access DDS-2 wire

UM Synchronous special access DDS-4 wire

UN Data over voice special access

UP 64 Kbs clear channel DDS

UQ Self healing network access node -STN

UR DS3 capable

US Fiber cross-connect hub

UT Automatic protect switching

UU Access to Clear Channel Transmission

UV Transport resource management center

UW Analog private line conditioning

UX Extended superframe cond (DS1 ESF)

UY Route diversity

UZ Secondary channel

VA Digital data 19.2 Kbs

VB Net reconfig-DS3 and DS1 by customer

VC Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)

VD SMDI-expanded

VE 64 Kbs clear channel DDS-terminus

VF 64 Kbs clear channel DDS-intermediate

VG Shared high cap network

VH Network Reconfig. Office - DS3 to DS3

VI Net. Reconfig, DS3, DS1, DS0

VJ On-Net Metro Managed Svc

VK Off-Net Metro Managed Svc

VL 64K Clear Chan DDS

VM Fractional T-1 DDS, Terminus

VN Interswitch SMDI (Host)

VO Interswitch SMDI (Remote)

VP Fractional T-1 DDS, Intermediate

VQ Fractional T-1 DDS

WA DS3 hub with remote mgmnt

WB DS3 grooming hub with remote mgmnt

WC DS0/fractional DS1 with remote mgmnt

WD Shared SONET network access

WE DS1 Capable Wire Center

WF OC1 Capable Wire Center

WG OC3 Capable Wire Center

WH OC12 Capable Wire Center

WI OC24 Capable Wire Center

WJ OC48 Capable Wire Center

WK OC96 Capable Wire Center

WL OC192 Capable Wire Center

XA Data Session Management DSL

XB Data Session Management DSL

XC Data Session Management DSL

XD DSL Data Session Management

XE DSL 10 Mbps Ethernet Connection

XF DSL 100 Mbps Ethernet Connection

XG DSL Transport Hub

ZW DDS hub-terminus

ZX DDS hub-intermediate

ZY DDS hub-super intermediate

ZZ DDS hub


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